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Our medical couriers are knowledgeable about all types of healthcare facilities, including biotech companies, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, laboratories, clinics, research centers, nursing homes, and private practices like dental and medical offices. We are dedicated to fulfilling all your medical courier and delivery service requirements. Our goal is to make the delivery of medical equipment, lab specimens, pharmaceuticals, patient files, medical documents, and other medical items efficient and straightforward. Our medical drivers are trained in specific protocols, and certified by OSHA and HIPAA, adhering to guidelines from healthcare staff and professionals during the transport of medical supplies and deliveries.

Our medical courier delivery service is equipped to meet all your urgent medical delivery requirements. Our team of medical couriers is certified by OSHA and HIPAA, and trained in specific protocols to manage various types of medical deliveries. They are available to make deliveries on an as-needed basis or according to a fixed schedule. Our services are accessible 24/7, ensuring that your medical equipment, documents, pharmaceuticals, and supplies are delivered promptly.

Same-Day Courier Service For Clinics And Hospitals


Lab Samples

We offer reliable regular delivery services for laboratory samples to and from medical laboratories.

Medical Records

We specialize in healthcare logistics, ensuring the secure delivery of medical records and confidential documents with expertise and precision.

Test Results

Entrust the secure delivery of your on-demand test results to our expert couriers.

Medical Equipment

Our courier services reliably and safely handle the pickup and delivery of medical equipment on every occasion.

Medical Specimens

We are experts in transporting medical specimens to and from health systems and hospitals across the country.

Popular Delivery Types:

STAT Delivery

We offer rapid STAT delivery services, featuring a user-friendly online tracking system. Tell us about your delivery issues, and we'll craft the optimal logistics solution tailored to your business needs.

Scheduled Delivery

Our scheduled delivery service allows you to manage your orders effortlessly. We are committed to delivering your packages quickly and reliably to their destinations every time.

Express/Urgent Delivery

Our express or urgent delivery services simplify the operation of your business. Your package will be delivered within hours to your specified time and location.

Where We Deliver

Time Couriers is a company that operates throughout the Denver area.

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